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10 ways to generate more real estate business

  • Juggling multiple marketing methods simultaneously could waste your resources. Select one or two strategies to focus your efforts and get the best results.

Looking for other ways to get real estate business and build your customer database?

Ryan snow

Real estate author Ryan Snow shared 10 of the best ways to start a business and increase sales on a recent podcast with Pat Hiban.

Read on to find out what Snow recommends for real estate agents who need new real estate clients.

For more on Ryan’s lucrative ideas, including a way to passively generate $ 50,000, listen to the podcast interview below.

The best ways to get real estate business

Sphere of Influence (SOI)

SOI is one of the best sources of real estate business, especially for new agents. Make sure to add friends and family to your database if you haven’t already.

Scripts just sold

Selling homes is great for generating more business. Prospecting is so much easier when you’ve just sold a house with high visibility in the area.

Dealer networks

Building relationships with local sellers is a good way to get real estate references. Obviously, don’t forget to return the favor by sending companies to them when possible.

Social media

It is relatively easy and inexpensive to get real estate business with social media marketing. Facebook ads in particular are extremely effective for real estate lead generation.

Secondary operations

Existing listings often generate real estate business organically. These secondary transactions will occur much more frequently if you are able to do so effectively.

Real estate agriculture

Building a real estate farm takes time and constant effort, but it can pay off big. To speed up the process, be sure to use the advice of successful agents.

Open doors

Open houses are great for grabbing the attention of potential buyers, but that’s not all. When you do them right, they will produce leads to fill your pipeline.

Expired Ads

While there is a lot of competition for expired listings these days, there is still room to make them a reliable source of business.

Advertisements for sale by owner (FSBO)

Like expired, FSBOs receive more than their fair share of agent attention. The right real estate scripts and strategies can give you the upper hand.

Real estate investors

Last but not least, reaching out to real estate investors is a solid strategy to earn more commissions. Because investors typically work several deals per year, they can be a great source of loyalty.

Don’t spread out too much

In sectors like real estate, where companies have to develop their own business, it is important to use different marketing methods; However, actively trying to generate business in multiple ways simultaneously can be a mistake.

If you’re a freelance agent or have only a small real estate team, using multiple marketing methods at once could waste your resources.

Instead of trying to get real estate deals with all the methods Snow has shared, stick with two or three of them that interest you.

Discover more ways to get real estate business

The above marketing methods weren’t the only lucrative ideas Snow discussed during his interview; he also shared a $ 50,000 passive generation strategy with a real estate team.

To learn more about this strategy and other ways to get real estate business, listen to the full podcast with Ryan Snow.

Pat Hiban is the author of the NYT bestseller “6 Steps for 7 Figures: A Guide for Real Estate Professionals to Build Wealth and Create Your Destiny,” Founder of the Online Real Estate Selling Training Site . Rébus University, and the host of Pat Hiban interviews real estate stars, an agent-to-agent real estate podcast with Hiban Digital in Baltimore, Maryland. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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