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5 Steps to Building a Successful Digital Real Estate Business!

In recent years, the international real estate market has transformed beyond imagination; advancements in technologies used in industry are years ahead of its time. These advances made their way to Pakistan, via JagahOnline – a unified real estate portal!

JagahOnline is designed to deliver an exhilarating real estate experience to its B2B and B2C users! Traditional business methods in the real estate industry revolved around agents and builders who physically contacted potential clients, met them in person, and went out of their way to get a good deal! In the midst of all this chaos, many agents and builders are often exposed to irrelevant and unreliable clients. JagahOnline has actively placed SaaS based solutions which have encouraged the use of online tactics to digitally promote and grow real estate related businesses!

Benefits of Running an Online Business!

JagahOnline has reformed the way real estate transactions have been done in the past, replacing it with efficient modules that completely transform the way you can manage and grow your business. Here are some reasons why starting an online business is the right decision for you!

24/7 access to your customers!

JagahOnline and its cutting edge technology give you the freedom to run and manage your business on the go – you are no longer tied to a physical office space. Whether you are a real estate agent or a builder, you can easily have access to your clients and potential clients at all times.


Not being tied to a store or a physical office has increased efficiency and mobility, but it has also reduced the costs of running a business! Agents and builders now have the ease of operating their business from anywhere in the world.

Time saving

JagahOnline provides agents with features like Calendarize and Tasks, E-Sign and many more to reduce the manual labor of companies, in order to save time! Additionally, using a digital platform can help reduce time consumption in more than one way. For example, with an online platform that allows you to showcase their business, it’s easier to filter out genuinely interested customers.

Less paperwork

JagahOnline provides agents with a complete SaaS solution, which includes features such as Expensify for their expenses, invoicing of all their receipts and Calendarize for the management of their activities. These features reduce the amount of paperwork that agents previously had to do, ensuring that there is no risk of losing important documents or making human errors.

Create your real estate business online!

JagahOnline has made running an online business extremely easy, whether you are relaxing at home or traveling across the country – you always have your business at your fingertips! Even though the idea of ​​starting an online business can be overwhelming, but with JagahOnline the process is quick and easy – here is a step by step guide to starting your business online:

Step 1: Go to JagahOnline

First, visit and click on the ProSeller button on the top right corner of the website!

Step 2: Register on ProSeller

Once your page has loaded, click on the nature of your business and select one from the options offered, for example “Real estate agent”

Click on find out more about your business and select one of the options to help the portal understand what your business really needs.

Enter a few more details, like your name, provide an email address, your number and enter a secure and unique password to protect your business!

Enter the captcha code and press Go Digital Now!

Step 3: Verification

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a six-digit verification code on your email and the provided mobile number. Enter the verification code on the website to authenticate your information, however, if you do not receive the code, you can always request a new one.

Once you have successfully entered the verification code, you will get a pop-up welcoming you on board, press ok to continue!

Step 4: Completing the profile

Company details

Add a business logo, to create a unique image for your business; you can add these images in JPG and PNG format.

Add your company name, enter the email where your customers can contact you, address, location and region. Once you have provided all the information, click Next!

Contact details

It is simple, you just need to enter a mobile number associated with your company! You can add up to 5 mobile numbers for your business. Once you are done, click Next.

A summary!

The last step would require you to review all of the information you provided, to make sure nothing was entered incorrectly! Once you’re done, click “let’s go!” ”

Step 5: Payment plan

You will then be redirected to payment plans, choose the one that best suits your business! There are a total of four packages available, these include the following:

● Free plan

● Professional

● Teams

● Company

You can choose from these plans depending on the needs of your business.

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