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A Houston-based real estate company has announced that it will develop a rail-serviced distribution building for the RCR Taylor Logistics Park.

Featured Photo: City leaders, as well as officials from Partners Real Estate Company, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the project in May. Image: Town of Taylor.

Posted: 10-11-2021

by Art Benavidez

Taylor (Williamson County) – A Houston-based real estate company announced that it will develop a rail-served distribution building for RCR Taylor Logistics Park.

The 350,000 square foot building will be located on the site of the proposed 750 acre rail park near the intersection of US Route 79 and FM 3349 in western Williamson County.

Developers, Partners Real estate company, are developing Taylor Port Railway Park, which will be the first building of the RCR Taylor Logistics Park.

The park will be a Pacific Union and BNSF logistics park served by rail. The city held a groundbreaking ceremony for the project on May 5.

The development schedule calls for construction to begin in January 2022 and begin operations in September 2022. NAI Partners, the brokerage firm and in-house real estate services to developers, will serve as the leasing agent on the project.

A site map of the company’s website shows 13 warehouses with eight warehouses at 500,000 square feet, with six of those warehouses on 21.8 acres and two on 23.3 acres. Other details of the sitemap include:

  • An 808,034 square foot warehouse on 29.9 acres
  • A 498,125 square foot warehouse on 23.6 acres
  • A 334,996 square foot warehouse on 13.9 acres
  • A 174,000 square foot warehouse on 10.3 acres
  • 6,600 parking spaces on 63.5 acres
  • Four retention basins

RCR Taylor Logistics Park Master Plan by Town of Taylor.

The park mentions that the sites are available for custom designed and built facilities.

The Planning and Zoning Commission last month disapproved of a draft plan for Brookshire Rail Infrastructure and Terminal Development, LLC due to “corrections that must be made before registration of the plate”.

NAI Partners John Coglazier Jr., who will take care of the rental, told the Austin Business Journal such a project would have been inconceivable five years ago, but the Austin area is an ideal region for the logistics industry.

“The main driver of all this development is rail service. Austin has always lacked rail service as an industrial product, ”Coglazier said.

Coglazier added that the development would be of interest to any company looking for a warehouse on a railway siding.

VBX Project ID: 2021-7279

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