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A real estate company from the region obtains the first place in Canada thanks to Re/Max

“We achieved first place as a team, and what’s most important to us is that we celebrate as a team,” says Peggy Hill

The Peggy Hill team has been synonymous with real estate in Barrie since the start of their career in 2003 and for the second year in a row they ranked #1 for Re/Max in Canada.

Worldwide, the small but mighty team ranks second, compared to 8,600 independent Re/Max franchises in more than 110 countries and territories, according to Re/Max’s 2020 annual report.

Even more impressive is the fact that this local team edged out Toronto heavyweight Re/Max, which is quite an achievement considering they serve a market 17 times larger than Barrie’s.

“There’s no shortage of busy real estate teams at Re/Max, and I’m very proud that my team continues to deliver alongside such worthy competitors,” Hill said.

The Re/Max Awards and Recognition Program not only honors those who excel in real estate achievement, leadership and productivity, but also those who are committed to their community.

For years, the Peggy Hill team has held to this standard, and it’s Hill’s commitment to people that has long set her apart from other real estate professionals.

Known for “keeping it real”, Peggy Hill and her team have made real strides in giving back to the community they serve. Team Peggy Hill donated $100,000 to support a new YMCA community center in Barrie, and last week its bid to acquire the naming rights to what is now the Team Peggy Community Center Hill became final. For the next eight years, funds from the purchase will go to the community center’s operating budget, providing welcome relief to taxpayers.

Earlier this year, Hill gained media attention by donating the first $10,000 for a permanent warm-up center in downtown Barrie.

More importantly, Hill challenged his fellow real estate agents to step up and contribute what they could.

“Real estate agents have not been impacted financially by this pandemic and I think we should be the ones helping people who are,” Hill said of the initiative.

Online fundraising remains open to anyone in a position to give back.

“Real estate is about people, not housing,” she insists when asked what has contributed to her team’s success. “When I created this company, I never imagined this kind of recognition. I just knew I wanted to build a company that redefines industry standards without losing sight of what’s most important.

With plenty to commemorate, a low-key event is in the works for Hill and his hardworking team once the good weather arrives.

“We reached number 1 as a team, and what’s most important to us is that we celebrate as a team.”


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