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Build a paperless real estate business with 4 powerful apps

The new year is well underway, but it’s still the perfect time to make strategic changes to your business practices. If you’ve been hesitant to go paperless in your business, you should seriously consider making the switch. Here are my four must-have apps for being a productive and effective paperless agent.

1. drop box. Dropbox is basically a digital filing cabinet that you can have with you at all times across multiple devices. Contract changes you and the client have made on your desktop are automatically updated on your tablet. Multimedia photos taken on your smartphone are synchronized with your laptop.

Dropbox was the first app I downloaded during my transition to paperless operation, and it still serves as my foundation. What I like is that it is free to download and my storage space increases by adding more devices or referring my family and friends. Since I bought Dropbox, I haven’t yet run out of space or needed to buy more.

2. PDF Specialist. So far, PDF Expert has been the most useful app I’ve downloaded. it presents what seem like endless possibilities. I can edit, file, sign, send and much more. There seems to be nothing I can’t do with PDF Expert, and that’s what makes it so great. It’s on the high end of the $10-to-download apps, but well worth the investment if you’re planning on going paperless.

3. DocuSign. The goal of dematerialization is defeated if people still have to print documents to sign them, then download them again to send them electronically. That’s where DocuSign comes in. It works with anyone, anytime and anywhere. So while your clients are vacationing in the Bahamas and you’re on a ski trip in the mountains, you can still close the deal. DocuSign offers individual agent subscriptions as well as brokerage solutions.

4. Open Home Pro. This is the coolest app in my arsenal. It elevates the perception my clients and clients have of me as an agent, and it allows for hands-on, real-time interaction. When I started in real estate and held open houses, I had way too much to manage: food, attendance sheets, clipboards, pens and more. At the end of these events, while closing things and going through the sheets filled out by prospects, not only would I have to deal with indecipherable handwriting, but also the time it took to upload this information to my database.

After searching the App Store for a long time, I came across Open Home Pro. Every aspect of the user interface, front to back, is simplistic, intuitive, and refined. The uniqueness of each presentation, the ability to customize the questions to my liking, and the assurance that prospects will receive thank you emails with additional property stats are well worth the cost. Plus, all of this lead information is automatically uploaded to my database!

These apps will allow you to take your office anywhere and are great strategic business moves. Enjoy more flexibility in your schedule by increasing the productivity and efficiency of your days as a paperless agent.

Anthony West is a real estate agent, founder of The Luxury Life KC at Moffitt Realty and entrepreneur in Kansas City.

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