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Chris Fischels will be the sole owner of a long-standing real estate agency | Business – Local News

WATERLOO – On Monday, with a handshake and mutual admiration, the men who have joined forces to create the residential and commercial real estate group Sulentic-Fischels will part ways as co-owners.

Since 2008, Chris Fischels and Jim Sulentic have worked together in the sale of residential and commercial properties.

Renamed and renamed, Fischels Residential & Commercial Group will continue the same work the real estate agency has done for over a decade, but now with Fischels at the helm as sole owner.

Although Sulentic will remain a licensed real estate broker within the company, he wants to focus on other large development companies he is involved in, Fischels said. Sulentic will continue to be “a huge asset to the team,” he added, and “remains committed to supporting the growth and advancement within Cedar Valley as it continues to thrive.”

Fischels and Sulentic have stayed at the top of their game in adapting to the changing landscape of the industry.

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“When we started, people would come to us to get information about the list,” Fischels said. Now buyers have seen slideshows of a property online before and narrowed down their choices by the time they show up to a real estate agent looking for more details.

Commercial real estate is also undergoing a transition. Mixed-use real estate development is a trendy concept, and Fischels expects to see it used in a number of commercial listings available in Cedar Valley.

Fischels, 34, got his real estate license at 19. His father helped him buy his first investment property when he was 16. He owned 30 properties by the time he graduated from Union High School in La Porte City.

Fischels Residential & Commercial Group employs 20 people, including 16 real estate agents. Its internal marketing team managed the rebranding efforts, designing a new logo, marketing materials and a new website,, which starts on Monday.

Although the company has a new name and a new look, Fischels aims to offer the “same friendly customer service, the same unmatched track record of success”.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s different every day, ”he said. Buying a home or property is “one of the biggest investments people make, and I’m happy to help them close and hand over the keys.”

Fischels and his wife, Deena, live in La Porte City with their three sons, Tanner, 3; Hudson, 17 months old; and newborn Bennett.

“I am a huge fan of Cedar Valley. I couldn’t think of a better place to raise a family, ”he said.

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