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TORONTO, ON /ACCESSWIRE/October 26, 2021/ With a global pandemic raging everywhere, the real estate market is the most competitive. These days, buyers and sellers of property would likely struggle to get the right price for buying or selling their home. That being said, it is essential to partner with a real estate agency that employs real estate agents who treat their clients like the VIPs that they are, offering the right industry connections and information to provide the best possible rates.

The estate agents we talk about have the ability to locate great properties based on your budget or buyers interested in a property you are selling, negotiate prices and ensure a smooth process. On top of that, this breed of real estate agent promises honesty and support throughout and even after your partnership. In other words, they won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with the service. The good news is that we know exactly where to find real estate agents like this.

Based in the GTA, Realty With Shelly is one of Canada’s rising real estate agencies, operating under the Royal Lepage Your Community Realty banner. Their specialty is to provide their clients with a high-end real estate experience: excellent service, timely advice and excellent results. We caught up with Founder Shelly Batta to learn more about their real estate services. She had this to say, “The company’s goals were and will remain to work in the best interests of our customers. The vision has not changed since the inception of our company, as my team and I strive to provide the best possible service allowing our clients to have the best experience with real estate. The vision has always been that our clients love their real estate.”

When asked what differentiates the real estate services brand Realty With Shelly from its competitors, Shelly took the opportunity to first discuss some common issues in the real estate industry, telling us, “The number of real estate agents in the business who are chasing their paycheck without the proper knowledge or care of their clients is alarming. What we want to do differently is consistently deliver a great real estate experience to build trust between us and our clients, and then get the results they want. We believe that if more people understood the hard work and dedication that goes into the job, real estate agents would receive much more respect in society.”

Shelly then goes on to say, “Our clients never feel like we have a personal interest in their transaction, because we make sure they know beyond a doubt that everything we do is in their best interests. We We also pride ourselves on our responsiveness and quick communication, always working with and for our customers 24/7.”

About the Realty With Shelly service, Shelly also explained the process to us: “We take care of everything so that our client does not have to worry. From researching the market to finding suitable options that meet to the wants and needs of our clients, to get to the door as soon as possible, completing our due diligence regarding the property and surrounding areas, negotiating the best deal for our clients in this crazy sellers market while competing with several other agents for the same property, coordinating and performing any necessary inspections, renegotiating the agreement, completing all paperwork and documents with the correct information, and handling any issues that arise before the agreement can be completed. just for the purchase of a house! .

Whether you’re buying a home or looking to sell yours, don’t settle for less than the premium treatment. Get the best prices and conditions with the knowledgeable team at Realty With Shelly. Schedule your real estate strategy session with them today using the contact details below to get in touch and start your journey to real estate success!


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