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Houston Real Estate Company celebrates a year of wild growth with a party at MAD Restaurant

What: Nan and Company Properties Christmas Party

Or: MAD restaurant in the River Oaks neighborhood

PC time: MAD’s wildly fabulous décor by world-renowned interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán does nothing less than inspire frivolity. So it was the perfect choice for the CEO of Nan and Company Nancy Almodóvar when planning his annual party. But more than just a cocktail party, it was an evening of thanks for the success of the past year and an opportunity to join the Nan Cares toy drive to benefit HISD’s Looscan Elementary School.

It was a generous crowd of 250 Nan team members and special guests, who brought over 650 toys for Third Ward School.

“We have so much to be thankful for this year,” says Nancy Almodovar. “I am always overwhelmed by the magnitude of the contribution of our team and our friends to our charitable partners. It is truly a testament to our commitment as a company to serving our community.

As guests dined on MAD’s famous Iberian jamon bites, lobster bomba rice paella and more, DJ Tanner Morgan’s spins kept their spirits up as did signature cocktails created especially for the evening. Among them were espresso martini shots labeled “Are you ready – Wake up and party”, a mezcal foam cocktail branded “Nan & Friends – Found Your Happy” and a closer gin and tonic party with rosemary smoke named “Dust & Diamond – Found Your Happiness.

As revelers rejoiced, a video played about the company’s various charitable activities and growth, including the opening of offices in Galveston and Sugar Land and the 2022 opening of a new flagship office in The Heights.

PC seen: Nan and Company COO José Almodovar, Anastasia Gaido, Betty Harbourt, Andrew Lin, Natalie Hoang Trien, Dr Nathan Nguyen, Judy Ho, Carrie Suarez-Rosas and Miguel Rosas, Michele Leal and Georges Farah, Laura and Jonathan BonckBryce and Bobby Magnesand Jackie and Jean Midis.

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