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Inspired by a home tragedy, a real estate company reaches out to those in need

Commercial real estate and the companies that build it impact everything. From the stores people shop in, to the apartment buildings they live in, to the schools their children attend, CRE is everywhere, which is why commercial real estate companies need to think beyond their latest projects and towards their communities as a whole.

Lee & Associates is the largest broker-owned CRE firm in North America and takes this mission to heart. Founded in 1979, the company offers a wide variety of real estate services, including commercial real estate brokerage and integrated services. In 2019, the company created CompassionateLEE, a charity that hosts fundraising events and organizes outreach events that empower members of Lee & Associates to give back to their communities.

“At its core, Lee & Associates is an organization made up of people who take action and infiltrate their privacy as well as their work,” said Kate Jordan, director of Lee & Associates and president of CompassionateLEE . “When we realized how many people were doing good things, we decided it would be beneficial to achieve economies of scale and work together as a company to accomplish great things. ”

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and severely affected several members of the Lee & Associates team. The team came together and quickly raised funds to help those in need, which prompted the company to formally form CompassionateLEE two years later.

The organization’s initiatives throughout the year in 2021 include fundraising for the American Lung Association, which unites children’s hospitals and the Trevor Project, among other charitable groups.

One group that CompassionateLEE is supporting this year is Wounded Warriors Family Support. The association offers assistance to the families of those who have been wounded, wounded or killed during combat operations. This help goes beyond the financial aspect and also extends to emotional and psychological support. The group also works with military and nonprofit partners to address gaps in services to injured veterans and their families.

“I would like to increase support for some of the organizations that our employees already support,” Jordan said. “I know from personal experience that when you start something from scratch it can be difficult to gain traction because you don’t have a track record. It’s truly amazing that we have the ability to bring in Lee’s substantial resources to support some of these wonderful organizations when they need it most.

CompassionateLEE also works with major charities, including Feeding America, the country’s largest national hunger relief organization with a network of food banks, pantries, and meal programs in nearly every community in the United States. United.

Jordan said this charitable work ties in with the company’s mission as real estate professionals. Often times, she said, people notice how Lee brokers have gone above and beyond to help them. Helping large communities seems like the natural next step, she said.

“CRE professionals play an important role in their communities, representing the cornerstone of local, regional, national and international economic growth in their work with landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers,” said Jeffrey Rinkov, CEO of Lee & Associates. “We have a vested interest in the success of local communities and are obligated to give back by donating their time and funds to create better conditions for families and business residents in these communities. ”

He added that thriving communities, supported by the charitable contributions of CRE professionals, create improved economic and employment opportunities, higher real estate values ​​and better rental rates and can become a catalyst for economic and business growth. general.

Kandi Jaeger, executive office director of Lee & Associates in Cincinnati and president of CompassionateLEE, said her office regularly hosts events for schools, food banks and after-school programs like the Boys & Girls Club.

Going forward, Jaeger hopes that CompassionateLEE can expand its reach nationwide.

“I would like to see a continued drive to increase our annual permanent giving,” Jaeger said. “Finding the perfect scenario for people to plan an annual donation, feeling that tax deduction for charitable contributions, while still having the good feeling that the donation goes first to ours in need, then supporting others within.” our communities nationwide who have a specific need. “

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