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Is it unreasonable? Real estate agency suggests tenants buy their landlord a Chrissy gift

An Australian estate agency is cracking down on backlash after emailing tenants a list of suggested gifts for their landlords.

A screenshot shared with Reddit shows the clumsy email a Queensland-based estate agency sent its tenants before Christmas.

The communication encourages tenants to buy a Christmas present for their landlord and lists five options to choose from.

Ranging from $50 to $115, renters can choose a “White Wine Grazing Box,” “Festive Sweets Box,” “Self Car Hamper,” “Foodies Hamper,” or “All Things Golden” gift set.


The email reads: “Now is the time to start thinking about and celebrating Christmas again!”.

“This year has been particularly difficult for our tenants and landlords and we understand that some tenants would like to thank their landlord for everything in 2021.”

“Choosing to be involved in this is 1005 optional and you certainly don’t have to.”

“Our team will be happy to facilitate the purchase of a gift on your behalf and have it delivered to the owner with a handwritten thank you note, directly from you.”

Naturally, the internet is in turmoil over the memo, with many Australian tenants blaming the estate agency for being tactless.

“Wow, lots of deaf people,” one user commented.

Another hinted that he had already given his landlord a gift, saying: ‘Yes, it’s called a rent increase and overcharging on the water bill.’ Merry Christmas.’

Someone else wrote: ‘I’m happy to send a basket with a note saying ‘here’s all the maintenance that needs to be done… you have 28 (days) to get out of this or apply for rent ordered by the court reduction until corrected.

Meanwhile, a kind landlord joined in the conversation, saying, “I normally give my tenants a week’s rent free for Christmas.”

Although it seems most members of the community find the email a little ridiculous – especially given the rise in rent prices in Brisbane over the past 12 months – other members are defending the real estate agent.

“Certainly an email with almost exactly the same wording was sent to landlords offering to give tenants a basket,” one user said.

What do you think? Do tenants have to give their landlord a Christmas present?

Picture: Andrea Piacquadio / Pixels

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