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Laredo real estate company announces 2021 return of prized Hal’s bar

An old Laredo favorite will soon be back in full swing, according to a social media post from a Laredo property development company.

A message from Killam Development welcoming Hal’s Restaurant and Bar to its family has put Laredo in a frenzy, with locals eagerly anticipating the return of a favorite nightclub.

According to the development company, the bar will return in a few months and operations are expected to resume in July 2021. However, there will be some changes to the building that Laredoians remember fondly.

It looks like the large facility, which originally housed the bar and restaurant, will be split into three, with space reserved for two gyms – Fit Club and Tumble Queen – which are due to open later this fall. Both gymnasiums will have a separate exterior entrance on the east side of the building, with the west side of the building being reserved for Hal’s.

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More than 20,000 square feet of the building will be set aside specifically for Hal’s, including space for a bar, patio and dance floor.

The return would be good news for Laredo residents who mourned the loss of the nightclub in 2018. According to a story from LMT, the original restaurant and bar had to close due to their owner’s loss of a lawsuit unrelated to Hal’s Landing.

According to their website, Killam Development is the largest mixed-use real estate developer in the Laredo area and has significant holdings throughout the state. Among their tenants are a number of notable Laredo businesses such as 550 Pizzeria, Polly Adams, Sushi Madre, Skintology, Trattoria Mia and more.

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