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This month, Immovable The magazine sat down with Kollin Currie, Media Director of Rocket Mortgage®, to discuss the ins and outs of social media in today’s competitive environment and what real estate professionals can do to take advantage of the social media to grow their business.

Paige Tepping: You are media manager at Rocket Mortgage. Describe your career path and how you got to where you are today.

Kollin Currie: I’ve been with the company for six years, working in social media at various levels, from community management to customer service and creating social ad campaigns. Today, my role is to determine the strategy and spending for our big brand initiatives. In addition to working with our media agency, Universal McCann (UM), I also work directly with social partner contacts including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest.

PT: As a media manager, what is your main role?

KC: My main role is to work in partnership with our agencies and social partners. However, before I even work with agencies and partners, I collaborate with our internal teams to develop strategies and determine the best partnerships and social platforms to help achieve business goals.

Another key part of my role is figuring out what our plan is from a brand marketing perspective. I work on a number of integrations, sponsorships, partnerships and campaigns, because social inherently has a place in all of them.

PT: Why is it important for real estate professionals to be present on social networks today?

KC: As a real estate professional, being present on social networks is by no means a new concept. In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® has stated that 77% of realtors use social media for business. In doing so, they should consistently post on their channels while maintaining a single brand across all of their social networks. They also need to separate their personal and work channels, making sure their personal accounts are locked so that they remain fairly private.

Now more than ever, clients are exploring the professional channels of these agents to see that they regularly sell homes and to reinforce that they are the best agent for them. To this end, real estate professionals should post photos of their live listings and those that have sold, so potential clients can get a feel for how they are marketing properties and their level of success. . Photos of happy homeowners in front of their new home can be very effective because they add a human element.

PT: How has the pandemic and its lingering effects changed the way real estate professionals think about and approach social media?

KC: Screenings and virtual tours are much more common now. In fact, I saw a statistic last summer that found 45% of home buyers bid on a home without even seeing it. It is clear that having quality online content and the means to connect with the consumer through social channels is essential. The virtual mindset of looking at homes isn’t going away, especially given today’s intense marketplace, and people are looking for ways to really view homes and make a decision without having to physically enter them. Real estate professionals want to showcase their photos, but clients want to see the details. So if you can equip potential buyers with the resources to view these homes and make an informed decision, the better off you’ll be.

PT: What are your top tips for real estate professionals looking to leverage social media to grow their business?

KC: My biggest tip for real estate professionals is to do something different.

The majority of the 77% of real estate agents who are on social media are primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn, so take a look at your target audience and who you are ultimately trying to reach. Then find competitive ways to put yourself in front of these people.

Everyone now has a Facebook page and everyone posts their ads, so what’s this unique thing that will make you stand out?

Finding ways to create more content around your ads goes a long way. TikTok is a fantastic example. The nature of the platform is that it will be presented to the right people, whether they are local people or people from across the country who are interested in real estate.

Social networks are also turning more to user-generated content, which doesn’t need to be completely tweaked or done professionally. Go out and be yourself.

PT: As the future unfolds, where do you see social media fit in?

KC: We’ve seen a move towards more connectivity around interests, something Facebook strongly encourages with its groups. People are no longer interested in posts from friends they haven’t spoken to in years and instead seek out information more relevant to what they like.

There will also be more openness to personalized ads and content than ever before and more education about it. People search for the content that interests them, so they organize their feeds, watch the content that interests them, and become part of communities focused on the things they want to learn.

PT: After working at Rocket Mortgage for six years, is there a social media initiative you’ve been involved with that has left an impression on you the most?

KC: I’ve had the good fortune to work on a number of really big campaigns here at Rocket Mortgage, and I have to say the last Super Bowl campaign was the most memorable. Our two ads this year ranked # 1 and # 2 on the USA Today ad counter.

It was also a very cool moment as the team was back in the office together – albeit socially distant – for the first time in a year after working remotely on the campaign due to COVID-19. Supporting a Super Bowl commercial is a big day few marketers get to experience, and I’m lucky to have experienced my fourth commercial and have two spots aired in one year!

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