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Luke Williams Real Estate Agency Opens Premises in North Warrnambool | The standard

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North Warrnambool now has its own real estate agency with the popular growth area a prime position for the business to be established. Luke Williams moved his real estate agency, where he had worked from his home for two and a half years, to new premises at Centro Shopping Center this week. Mr Williams said he hit his five-year business goal in his first two years and opening a storefront took the business “to that next level.” “All the other agencies are in the CBD. It’s something different,” he said. He welcomed Sales Associate Craig Bonney, a longtime resident of the town and a professional at the Warrnambool Golf Club for 22 years in the business. He said they complemented and known each other for years. “We work well together,” he said. “We’re real, we’re down to earth and we relate to people, that’s our big thing, people know us. A lot of our business comes from word of mouth and people who know us. We rely heavily on our relationships and connections. Mr. Williams said the current demand for properties in the Southwest is unlike anything he has seen in his decade of working in the industry. ” It’s out of control, “he said.” We had one that we listed on Thursday about four hours before the lockdown and we had three unseen site offers, all from locals. It’s an Allansford list and it’s hard to get anything. “As soon as we list a property we do a video tour that we can send to anyone who requests it. This is becoming the norm now. Last year I think we sold 20 (properties) invisible site. In previous years it could happen once a year, now it’s just expected. ”


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