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My Agent Christine Ewin Wins Best Small Real Estate Agency in NSW | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner

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My Agent Christine Ewin of Batemans Bay has been named the best small real estate agency in NSW. Since opening her business in June 2019, Ms. Ewin has felt “amazing” to win an Award of Excellence from the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW). In October, 10 agency awards and 14 individual category awards were announced at a virtual gala evening. The best of the best in the real estate industry in NSW have been recognized. Ms Ewin said it was a laborious process to apply. “It’s very comprehensive; you have to open your books, let them know how much you turn over each year, what your market share is, your marketing and Google reviews, and they do research on the company,” he said. she declared. Ms. Ewin was interviewed by a panel of industry leaders after being shortlisted for the final. She believed she was the first in Batemans Bay to win such a prestigious award and celebrated with her team. “For someone who entered the industry without the support of a large franchise, the support has been phenomenal,” she said. “And that’s only because Batemans Bay supported us – that’s why we’ve been so successful.” For 20 years, Ms. Ewin has forged her way in the real estate industry, obtaining the opportunity to create her own agency in 2019. She wanted to create a boutique agency, separate from any franchise. Two years later, business takes her by surprise. “I thought I was going to be a small business, to slow down, sell the strange property and create a modest rent – my idea was to stay small,” she said. However, the booming real estate market and its “personal touch” to business boosted their sales volume as a boutique agency. It was beyond her dreams of becoming a premier agency in New South Wales: “I wasn’t expecting that.” “And I didn’t expect 10 women to work with me,” she said. “I never dreamed this big! It just happened – we got popular.” She was proud of her all-female team – even one female auctioneer. READ MORE: Team Mayne announces mayoral candidate for next local election Since the start of her career, Ms Ewin said the opportunities have multiplied for women. “I started out surrounded by male dinosaurs, which have been in the industry forever,” she said. “I was the new kid on the block, where the women were only in administration and as assistants – none were in sales. The agencies were owned by men.” Now it’s good to know that four agencies in the bay are owned by women – others also with all-female teams. “There has been a change in the industry, women are recognized a lot more.” However, Ms Ewin said the game is always tough: “It’s always been against the big boys.” “I think women need to work harder and smarter,” she said. Ms. Ewin’s advice to women pursuing careers in real estate was: “Be transparent and honest.” “People want to feel in touch with someone they can trust.” Ms. Ewin shared her take on the current real estate market. It is well known that the demand for properties along the coast was very high. His team worked to keep pace. with the “bull market”, where few houses were put up for sale and prices were inflated by competition from several buyers. Ms. Ewin said auctions and best final bids were the most popular process “to get the right price”. : Kingfish making an appearance on Montague Island She predicts the market will change and ebb naturally as the number of buyers decreases and homes are on the market longer. “I don’t think it’s going to go down, but it’s going to settle down,” she said. It’s a sellers market right now, where the dirtiest houses can be tossed onto the market and sold overnight. A balanced market means that sellers’ due diligence comes into play when it takes longer to prepare for a sale and the demand for properties becomes equal to the amount of properties available. Ms. Ewin hopes to see a balanced market soon where properties will be on the market for 30 days, allowing “time to breathe”.


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