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NOAH Commercial real estate applications

Digital Transformation Forum

Designed for real estate developers, commercial and residential operators and contractors

Thursday March 21, 2019, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Grand Ballroom 3, Grand Hyatt Manila

Artificial Intelligence || Internet of things || Big Data || cloud computing

Technological innovations have radically transformed the global business landscape in many ways over the course of a few centuries – from the invention of the steam engine that ushered in the industrial revolution to today’s digital transformation that involves artificial intelligence , the Internet of Things, Big Data and the Cloud. Computing. These topics are considered relevant and game-changing in today’s businesses, which promises to advance a process to become more effective or efficient.

“Build, Construct, Construct” program

In the Philippines, the real estate and construction sectors are forecasting a sharp increase in the market, as the government ‘Build, Build, Build’ program is expected to support growth in 2019. Market trends in these sectors are expected to increase further this year. . In this positive outlook, digital transformation plays a key role for these industries to adapt to the continuous increase in demand and growth.

NOAH Commercial applications

NOAH Business Applications is focused on advancing the digital transformation of organizations in real estate. The basis in terms of business rules, work flow, process flow and data flow consolidates the achievement of organizations’ initiatives towards digital transformation advancing control, customer service, cost management, management of risks, cash flow management, financial controls, financial reporting, value creation, regulatory compliance and investor relations.


What : NOAH Real Estate Business Applications Digital Transformation Forum

When : Thursday March 21, 2019, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Or : Grand Ballroom 3, Grand Hyatt Manila, at 8th Ave. Corner 35th St., BGC,

Taguig City, Metro Manila.

Which : Owners, officers and management of real estate developers and sellers, commercial and residential operators, construction supplies and services and real estate developers.

See you at the NOAH Real Estate Business Applications Digital Transformation Forum!

NOAH Business Applications has provided leading local real estate, property and construction companies with automated solutions that capture end-to-end land banking, project planning, sales, operations and finance processes. Features such as construction planning and management, real estate inventory, real estate sale and collection, broker management, property management office, rental and document control are well in place for offer ease of use, visibility, robust features, speed of processing and precision in decision-making.

NOAH Business Applications includes financial services; Financial consolidation; Storage ; Production; Banking; Distribution; Forecasting, planning and budgeting; Loan management; Human resources management system; Procurement management; Project management; Customer relationship management ; Mobility; Analyzes, reports, dashboard and; Data management.

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