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Real estate company partners with Safari Energy to develop solar portfolio

Nuveen Real Estate, one of the world’s largest property managers, has announced its partnership with Safari Energy to develop its own solar resources. After committing to make all existing and future assets carbon neutral by 2040, Nuveen aims to offset 90% of its energy consumption with solar energy.

“Having a partner like Safari Energy supports our goal of incorporating ESG considerations into our investment decisions and business plans, progressing towards our net zero carbon goals,” said Jessica Long, Head of Sustainability for the Company. American real estate at Nuveen. “Our teams need to know quickly if there is an opportunity for solar power when underwriting the transaction and asset managers are looking for ways to engage potential tenants during lease negotiations. Safari provides us with the expertise and immediate feedback that are essential in the rapid process of real estate investing.

Nuveen started working with Safari Energy in 2020, when more than 300 MW of solar potential was identified on its real estate property. Since then, Safari Energy has launched two projects on the Nuveen properties, including a rooftop solar system being built at an industrial facility in Nashville, Tennessee, and a solar + battery hybrid storage system added to a property in Redlands, in California.

Safari Energy takes a strategic and systematic approach to solar development. A first selection of properties is made by Safari Energy’s exclusive artificial intelligence platform. This allows the team to identify ideal opportunities for solar roofs, parking lots, parking lots and ground installations.

Nuveen also has access to a bespoke technology platform designed by Safari Energy, integrating multiple systems and keeping various teams in sync on tasks. Safari Energy works directly with Nuveen’s asset managers and tenants to coordinate permits, construction schedules and project status.

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