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Real Estate Company Serves Others on ‘RED Day’ | Herald Community Newspapers

Employees at Keller Williams’ legendary Franklin Square real estate location spent May 12 working at community food shelters and refrigerators in Nassau County and Queens on annual Renew Day, Energize and Donate (RED) of the community service company to deliver peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they made earlier in the day to those in need.

“We put a lot of time and effort into what we’re going to do on RED day, every market center in the country is going to do it,” Franklin Square team leader Brian Wells said of the day. annual, when every nationwide company-run market center has closed since 2009 to dedicate the day to serving others.

The event was originally inspired by Mo Anderson, current vice president and former president and CEO of the company, who is known for encouraging employees to focus on their personality in their personal and professional lives.

Management, top agents and even an agent whose first day at Keller Williams was May 12 delivered sandwiches to 10 community refrigerators in Nassau and Queens as well as two local shelters, Terena Williams Glory House in Hempstead and The Bethany House at Baldwin.

“The mindset we’re trying to create here is a culture of abundance, not scarcity,” Wells said of the company’s commitment to serving others. “It’s rewarding, and I can’t wait to drive, drop off sandwiches and meet people,” Wells said ahead of the event.

“Day to day, the culture here is to help each other out no matter who is in need,” said Justin White, an agent for the firm who attended its second RED Day this year.

“It’s good to focus on giving and doing something for others,” Laquetta Kearns, the company’s launch coach for five years, said of the company’s goal on RED Day. .

Over the past few years, Keller Williams Legendary has helped build homes for families in local communities, organize relief efforts following natural disasters and, like this year, collect and distribute food to those in need. . “These are just some of the community activities we have undertaken to support those who have invested in us,” the company explains in a statement posted on its website.

“At the heart of the Keller Williams culture is our shared commitment to community service,” reads a statement on the company’s website.

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