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Real estate company teams up to expand electric car adoption

real estate company partners to expand electric car adoption | Realtor magazine

Indianapolis-based brokerage firm FC Tucker is partnering with electric car buying and subscription service Motor to provide access to electric vehicles for its realtors and their clients. The new program, Charging Ahead, aims to accelerate electric car adoption in central Indiana.

Under the partnership, offered to more than 1,500 FC Tucker agents throughout the region, Motor will install electric vehicle charging stations at multiple offices of the real estate company throughout Indiana. Motor will also offer individuals and businesses electric car subscription services and charging options. Agents will receive exclusive discounts through the partnership. For example, real estate professionals will be able to benefit from free installations of a level 2 charger at home during two months of membership.

Photo courtesy FC Tucker/Motor

“This partnership and incentive program is a creative solution for FC Tucker that gives its officers access to an exciting electric driving benefit, while reducing the company’s collective carbon footprint,” says Rhett Barker , Indianapolis city manager at Motor. The incentive program with another company is the first of its kind for Motor.

FC Tucker officials say the partnership will help pave the way to a more sustainable future for central Indiana.

“It’s an unparalleled advantage in the market, not only for our agents, but also for our customers,” said Connor Simonson, director of corporate marketing at FC Tucker Co. “Creating this program with a as innovative as Motor demonstrates how committed FC Tucker is to its agents and communities.


FC Tucker and Motor Company

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