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Second Story property management connects property and people

With a booming real estate market creating dozens of new commercial properties, apartments and building restorations in Chattanooga, entrepreneur and President of Lamp Post Properties, Tiffanie Robinson saw the need for a commercial real estate company in full service specializing in property management. Second Story Real Estate Management was quietly launched in the fall of 2016 and will soon be opening in its permanent CO-OP home on Cherry Street.

“At Lamp Post Properties, we take a very thoughtful approach to space, building renovation, branding and our customers,” Ms Robinson said. “Space is so essential to our lives, and every building has a story. Matching people with the right property and then providing great care to both the space and the tenants is key. We have found that other property owners, sellers and developers were looking for these services, which opened the door to starting this business.”

Second Story is a collaboration with Lamp Post Properties to meet the community’s need for a full-service commercial real estate company that offers comprehensive property management for commercial developments, particularly for mixed-use spaces. The company serves both landlords and tenants through the purchase, branding, sale and rental of properties, as well as property management and building maintenance.

“We can do the whole package to create a brand for the property,” Ms Robinson said. “When considering high-end real estate, people want the brand of the building to reflect their lifestyle. We help developers and owners market their properties. This is especially appealing to owners who come from out of town. They are looking for a partner who really knows the community and is accessible 24/7.

Technology, in particular, is used to improve business communication.

“One of the things that makes us unique is that we use technology to provide sales and customer service,” Ms. Robinson said. “For example, tenants want to pay their rent easily and securely online, and they want to report repair requests online; no phone call is necessary. Our buyers and sellers want up-to-the-minute information and alerts, with quick response to emails. We ensure that all communications, documents and signatures are electronic and we focus on simplifying the process wherever possible. »

Unlike most real estate agencies, Second Story employees do not work as individual real estate brokers but as an integrated team. The company is already expanding and now has eight employees. Second Story manages the Fleetwood Building, The tomorrow Building, The Edge, Lyerly Medical Pavilion II and many more.

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