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Sharebite partners with real estate company Vornado to deliver food to office workers in New York City

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Third-party provider Sharebite has partnered with real estate company Vornado to be the exclusive provider of group food orders for the New York City office buildings that Vornado owns.

Through the Sharebite platform, employees can order from restaurants such as Sweetgreen and Cava with no delivery charges, according to a press release. Meals are delivered to Sharebite stations located in building lobbies, where they can then be picked up by employees.

“Sharebite’s goal is simple, and that is to provide workplaces with a simple solution for ordering food,” Mohsin Memon, president of the company, said in the statement. “However, we would like to go further and find solutions to not only order food, but also to revive businesses, bring employees back to the office and provide local restaurants with more opportunities as they continue to heal.”

The rise of remote working during the pandemic has had a prolonged impact on the way employees eat. A recent survey by software company Skynova revealed that more remote workers order delivery or cook for themselves than go out to eat.

Sharebite, which was developed specifically for workplaces, said demand for its contactless services has seen a “significant increase” in recent months as more employees returned to their offices.

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