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Spokane Real Estate Company Plans to Replace Chancellery Building with Apartment Complex | News

SPOKANE, Wash .– Centennial Real Estate Investments, the real estate division of Cowles Company, plans to demolish the Chancellery building in the downtown area to build a new apartment complex in its place.

The proposed complex is planned to house 40 to 50 units with modern facilities. Centennial has said it will feature “nods to the architectural details currently found in the previous building. “

The Chancellery building dates from 1910 and was originally the Western Union life insurance building. It was designed by the famous architect Kirtland Cutter, who is also responsible for other Spokane landmarks such as Davenport Hotel, Patsy Clark Mansion, Spokane Club and the Monroe Street Bridge.

The building belonged more recently to Roman Catholic Diocese of Spokane and served as their headquarters for over 40 years. They sold the property in 2006 and remained tenants until 2019, when the building was vacated due to security and operational issues.

“We agree with our partners and community leaders that housing must be a priority at this time, given Spokane’s unprecedented growth and limited rental market. We see an urgent need for accessible housing for our professionals such as educators, military personnel, service professionals and others who work in downtown Spokane. Stable housing is essential for healthy communities, ”said Doug Yost, Vice President of Centennial.

The Cowles Company is the parent company of KHQ Local News.

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