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Springfield Real Estate will support local charities on Food Truck Thursdays

March 28—A local real estate agency will hold bi-weekly food truck events to network, raise funds and help local nonprofits.

Real Estate II will host Food Truck Thursdays every two weeks from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting April 7 in its parking lot at 1140 E. Home Road in Springfield.

Lori Fulk, one of the owners, said the agency is doing this to give back to the community.

“Our founding brokers have always impressed us as agents to be rooted in your community,” Fulk said. “Finding a way during the pandemic to stay viable and to be a gift to the community, it keeps us constantly at the forefront of the spirit of the community that we’re giving back to. … It was a good time. It’s not not just all-day business. We look forward to those Thursdays.

This is the third year the agency will invite food truck vendors and run a separate donation drive for nonprofits. These events are organized by a committee including Fulk, Heather Minier and Lynn Schrader.

“During the pandemic, I was president of the Arts Council at the time, so we were all freaking out about what to do to stay viable. We were encouraged to think outside the box with businesses in I saw all the food trucks popping up in the neighborhoods and thought about bringing them here, so we partnered with nonprofits in the area because we knew they had also difficulties and that we would take donations for them,” Fulk said.

Fulk said he helped eight nonprofits in the first year of 2020 and raised between $4,000 and $5,000. In 2021, they helped fifteen non-profit organizations and raised $5,000.

The agency is also doing a parking lot podcast on the same day that profiles the nonprofits on who they are, what they do, and what their reach and needs are.

“They loved the first year. There aren’t a lot of restaurants around, so it helped them to be able to help people during their lunch hours to connect and network. We’re the ones giving back. the community,” Fulk said. “The food truck vendors love it too. Some were very philanthropic and also helped with fundraising.”

Real Estate II, owned by Fulk, her husband Al, Lisa Smedley and Ryan King, has been locally owned and operated for 43 years to help people find and sell homes.

The Food Truck Thursdays program will be as follows:

April 7 – Eat and Keep Clark County Beautiful

April 21 — Poppy’s Smokehouse Café and NHP of Greater Springfield

May 5 — Eat and Project Jericho

May 19 — Griddles & Cheese and Second Harvest Food Bank

June 2 — Christian and Interreligious Brothers

June 16 — Diamond Dogs and Animal Welfare League

June 30 — Rudy’s Smokehouse and Springfield Arts Council

July 14 — Raging Bull and Saint-Vincent de Paul

July 28 — Tommy’s Double Barrell BBQ and Break The Cycle

August 11 – Clark County Christian Brethren and Revivals

August 25 – Clark County Old School BBQ and Literacy Center

September 8 – Street Food by Chef Daryl and Clark County Heritage Center

September 22 — Poppy’s Smokehouse Café and SCYM

October 6 – Christian Brothers and PHI Beta Sorority

October 22 — Rudy’s Smokehouse and United Way

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