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Sullivan’s Island Resident, Attorney Sprouts Real Estate Business – The Island Eye News

By Grace Nichols For The Island Eye News

Summer Eudy, a practicing lawyer for 15 years, changed course and opened her new real estate office a few weeks ago on Sullivan’s Island. The move to 2067 Middle Street came at the right time for Eudy. She was moving to a law firm anyway, so she decided to take advantage of this transition period to get into real estate. Even during her years of practicing law, Eudy mainly dealt with litigation and litigation, but she always turned to real estate. Negotiating deals under her belt, Eudy decided to get her brokerage license five years ago and is now the broker in charge of her own real estate company. “I am Summer Realty,” Eudy said. “I have lived on Sullivan Island for 10 years. It’s my community, ”she continued.

Getting to know the residents and be a part of the community of Sullivan’s Island fueled his great passion for protecting the old homes on the island. “In general, I love the island,” Eudy said.

“It’s really important to take care of it. Especially since I have this long term bond with my children (who are fifth generation Sullivan Islanders). We have a lot of residents who have lived here for a long time, and one of my goals is to really look after these longtime Islanders. “The current market is obviously unprecedented,” continued Eudy. “I want to take this opportunity to serve and protect our long-time Island residents and help them navigate the sale when they need to do so on terms that are advantageous to them. They need a different kind of service than some buyers who come to Sullivan’s Island. Eudy also went on to say that her experience as a lawyer sets her apart in the industry. “Because I am a lawyer, I can write contractual clauses, my hands are not tied. When you’re in a market like we are now, where time is of the essence, knowing the deal and being able to be creative in writing terms that can help the deal come to fruition.

This is just the start of Summer Realty and we can’t wait to see what Eudy does next.

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