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Susie Buffett-linked real estate firm quietly acquired $4 million in North Omaha property | Local News

In 2019, the city sold the former vacant Simple Simon building at 24th Street and Willis Avenue to RH Land Management for $120,000.

In February, the company purchased a row of buildings northwest of 24th and Lake streets from the OSBN.

In April, RH purchased another retail bay there that more recently housed a CBD product store. These retail bays run north half a block from Love’s Jazz & Arts Center, a center for cultural, arts and community events. Love’s remains an independent community organization in a city-owned building, although it has struggled financially.

On the weekend, entrepreneurs were hard at work in one of these retail bays, a former barber shop. After emptying the building down to its brick bones, they were building new interior walls for a future occupant.

The North Omaha Village Revitalization Plan, adopted in 2011, sets out concepts for redevelopment of the area. Another planning process, Forever North, is underway. The city has not received any requests for future land use changes or requests from the Planning Board in the 24th Street corridor, said Chris Wayne, the city’s neighborhood development manager.

“The properties of RH Land Management are certainly significantly located, and the contribution of developments on these parcels could be consequential to the well-being of the region and the corridor,” he said in an email. “We would encourage the development of properties in a way that matches the strategy of creating compact, mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented places that is expressed in Forever North, and echoes the spirit of previous plans to build a vibrant community.”

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