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Compass, a leading real estate technology company, is making its way to the sunny beaches of Sarasota. Founded in 2012, Compass provides services that help real estate agents grow their business and better serve their clients. With over 20,000 agents across the United States and a presence in over 35 major markets, it has the potential to connect agents from coast to coast.

By combining the solutions-focused mindset of a startup with the sophistication of a luxury brand, Compass offers its agents programs that deliver exclusive benefits to their buyers and sellers. What if you could sell your home faster, for a higher price, without having to spend upfront on renovations? Compass has the solution. Exclusive to Compass agents, the Compass Concierge program covers the initial costs of certain services and improvements to increase the price of a home. Improvements such as landscaping, painting, and staging can be costly for sellers, but can impact the value of their home. This program allows the seller to maximize the potential of his home and sell at the best price on the market.

Compass Bridge Loan Services also streamlines the buying and selling process by providing a simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you own and the home you want. Found a new home you love but haven’t sold your existing one yet? This service gives you access to competitive rates and dedicated support from well-established lenders in the industry, with the exclusive option of getting up to six months of loan repayments when selling their home with an agent. Compass.

Compass believes that agents – and their clients – deserve better by developing innovative digital tools and personalized marketing strategies. Why? Because they know that when agents can spend more time building relationships with customers, everyone wins. Want to learn more about Compass in Sarasota?

Photo courtesy of Compass Sarasota

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