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The family real estate company celebrates 100 years of activity

A passion for farms and ranches led to the formation of a Lubbock real estate company in 1920 which today celebrates 100 years and four generations of business.

Chas. S Middleton and Son is a real estate company focused on farms and ranches. Over the 100 years of the company’s existence, it has had several high-profile listings, including Patrick Swayze’s ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch in Pampas.

Charles Middleton entered Lubbock on horseback in 1898 and was appointed first chief of police while the town was still forming. However, that was not what excited him so he started selling properties.

“His love was for cattle and ranching, which led to ranch sales,” said Sam Middleton, who now runs the business with his son Charles.

Each generation’s transition in the business was natural, Sam and Charles said, and they all shared the same goal in mind.

“I worked with my dad for 25 years before he retired, and we never had a disagreement on anything,” Sam said. “We looked at the big picture and we focused on the success of the business. “

The business has grown over time and is licensed to sell farms and ranches in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado, and it also manages appraisals.

The main selling point in the market has also changed over the past 30 years, Sam explained, as more of their clientele seek recreation rather than ranching.

“Recreation is the most important factor,” Sam said. “The romance of owning a ranch and pride in that property seems to be the number one concern in the market. “

Charles has been able to build his own clientele since joining the company and is proud of how he is now a part of the Middleton family legacy.

“It’s great to know that you are contributing,” said Charles, “and the people you work with trust you enough to take care of their business for them. “

As to whether the business will stay in the family later, Charles has young sons who they hope could continue the tradition one day.

“We hope this will continue,” Charles said. “We have family ranch land and they love to go out there, so the seeds have been planted. “

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