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The Wife & Husband Team Behind Real Estate Company Santy Partners Share Tips For Success

Dan and Liza Santy form the husband and wife team behind the residential real estate company of Phoenix Santy Partners.

He had just sold his marketing and proximity and had some free time.

She ran her busy real estate business and overtime was a luxury.

The moment seemed like a happy career coincidence for Dan and Liza Santy, the husband-and-wife team behind the residential real estate of Phoenix Santy Partners, which Liza launched in 2011. Logical move.

Or at least one that solved the excess time imbalance.

“He kept coming to my office to ask me what I was doing. I was busy. I said, ‘Why don’t you get your (real estate) license because I need help?’ Liza remembers. “But I needed his help. And he needed something to do.

This is exactly what Dan did and partnered with his wife in his real estate business.

“With my background in marketing and my taste for sales in general, it was natural for me to join her,” Dan said.

The partnership is a success. Together, their business has grown 28% every year since 2018, with homes selling over $ 1 million accounting for the majority of the business’s volume, Dan said.

Santy covers all areas of the valley with a focus on Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and north central Phoenix. Its main clientele is generally experienced real estate buyers. One of them recently bought his 16th house, Dan said.

A number are high-end buyers who wish to downsize as they enter the empty nesting phase. Some are retired and looking to increase their height, Liza said.

Every now and then there’s a young family referred by older homebuyers who trust the Santys to make them a fair deal. The excitement of that first big purchase always brings a rush.

“I really like these first-time home buyers,” Liza said.

The pandemic has had its own impact. Dan and Liza have seen an increase in the number of people leaving California and major cities with higher property taxes.

There are also more remote working people who are no longer bound by geography, such as a recent client of Santy whose company is headquartered in San Francisco but bought a home in north Scottsdale.

This new professional culture pushes buyers looking for a space with a real work-live-play function. The home office is a key piece of equipment, whether it’s a bedroom that could better turn into an office, or a home with designated office space as part of the floor plan.

Because the Santys are familiar with the valley, they often attract clients who have few but crucial requirements or think they want to live in a certain part of town even though this may not work realistically.

“We can immediately tell them, ‘You’re not going to want this area.’ We can guide them quickly to the most ideal areas based on their criteria, ”Dan said.

Homebuyers Share Stories

Atilio Santamaria met Liza in 2014 when his wife was transferred to Arizona. A real estate agent friend in California recommended Liza. The Santamaria traveled to Scottsdale to find a home and although Liza was on vacation, she returned home to help them.

“The fact that she took the time from her vacation to come meet us says a lot about us,” said Santamaria, who lives in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “The priority was the school district for our twins. She knew exactly what we needed.

Santy Partners helped Bill Kircos and his wife Megan sell two of their homes in Scottsdale this year. They also found Santy through a friend’s recommendation.

Diligent communication, responsiveness, and honest reviews of what they needed to do to prepare for their home show – and plans that could wait – impressed them.

“Dan is very energetic and sales oriented. Liza, you can tell, has years of experience and is the voice of reason. They make a great, dynamic duo and that’s what we loved about them in a hot minute, ”said Kircos, who lives in Scottsdale and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Stand out in the competitive field

A 20-year real estate industry veteran, Liza’s career had been booming for some time. Dan was running his own thriving marketing business when he developed a rare nervous condition that doctors say was related to stress. This health scare was the catalyst for the sale of his nearly 30-year-old business.

“I had a good race. I thought it would be a good time to sell, ”Dan said.

Santy is part of a residential real estate industry that has thrived amid the pandemic. From 2020 to 2021, the average price of newly listed homes rose 32.6%, according to It’s also changing rapidly, with the median number of days to market homes at 37, according to Fred Economic Data.

To thrive in an ultra-competitive field, the Santys strive to stand out from the pack. A Santy agent who specializes in converting single-family homes to accommodate residents in need of assisted living is one such avenue. To go further, the agent buys condos to house assisted living staff, attracting professionals from out of state.

But in the end, proven customer service makes a difference, Dan said. This includes sending people to paint or make repairs to homes without worrying about the time to sell. It also means that if a home is not suitable for a buyer, he will be upfront about it.

“It’s not just a transaction. We make sure no one gets a bad deal, ”Dan said. “We don’t have to sell a house to take out our mortgage next month. It means that we can be patient with you. This level of care is truly unique.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Real Estate Company Santy Partners Grows With Wife-Husband Team

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