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Why PESONS is the first Family Real Estate Company in Africa

Patrick Egemasi & Sons Limited (PESONS) has long-term experience in the development, redevelopment, acquisition and management of distinctive apartment buildings in some of the best markets in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and offers outsized risk-adjusted returns to shareholders.

Being the leading family real estate company in Africa, its services include; Real Estate Development and Design, Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions, Real Estate Management and Citizenship/Residence Permit by Real Estate. Direct operations are; Precious Egamasi, Sapphire Egamasi and Egemasi Temple.

Leveraging its group, PESONS has the ability to provide a complete solution to clients looking for a world-class turnkey development or redevelopment, for residential complexes and business campuses. As a family business, they aim to create a legacy of values ​​for future business families. Patrick Egemasi & Sons Ltd. also provides specialized sales and acquisition services to potential buyers.

Wealthy people all over the world are buying property abroad for a variety of reasons: to save money, to enjoy the property and to visit. To live in the selected country at any time, it is not enough to be a property owner, you need a residence permit or citizenship. Patrick Egemasi & Sons Limited offers exceptional support in researching, negotiating and acquiring overseas properties, whether for lifestyle or investment purposes.

Through our services, clients can acquire valuable real estate in a competitive market. We provide our clients with the most efficient and effective strategies to ensure that our clients get the most out of their investment. We have extensive knowledge of the local and national property markets across Nigeria, our expertise includes advising on any commercial property consultancy, financing, research, energy conservation, social housing, as well as the development of multipurpose developments.” – Said Precious Egemasi, the operations manager.

Precious Egemasi (PESONS Ltd)

After trying and excelling in other businesses, Precious Egemasi decides to join his family business leading the business with digital innovations in the real estate sector.

The precious Egemasi continues;

“At PESONS, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality property management services. We offer active value-oriented management with the goal of retaining and growing the value of our clients’ real estate investments.

You get the best service in all areas of the property, from collecting your rent to maintenance, including the little things like fixing a leak. You won’t have to deal with complaints or constantly follow up with your tenants or contractors. With experts taking care of everything, all you have to do is sit back and watch your investment gain demand in the real estate market.


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