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Woman creates first real estate agency run by women in Erbil

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Even though the real estate sector is predominantly a male-dominated area in the Kurdistan region, Mina Merduk and three of her female colleagues have now successfully established and run a real estate agency in Erbil.

Merduk and his team have been operating the business for a year. Their office has a prominent sign that proudly declares this to be the “first real estate managed by women”.

After working as a real estate agent for two years in Turkey, Merduk says she would like to see more women like her in the field.

Collecting supporting signatures from male and female visitors approving women’s participation in the real estate sector at Mina Merduk’s office on October 5, 2021 (Photo: Screengrab / Kurdistan24)

“It’s time for women to know they can do any type of business, even better than men,” she said.

In addition to diversifying the business environment through the participation of women, female-only real estate is also useful for female clients, said Kewsar Abdul Rahman, one of Merduk’s employees.

“They [women] can understand each other better because they are more detail-oriented, ”said Abdul Rahman.

Real estate represents a third of the investment portfolio of the Kurdistan region.

Interview by Hero Mawludi

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