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Zerin Properties: The First Real Estate Agency To Comply With BNM AML / CFT Requirements Using

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, January 8, 2022 – ( – Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) AML policy requires reporting institutions to have adequate procedures to protect businesses, professionals and all assets they they might have.

In these extraordinary times, non-contact interaction is the new normal. This week, Zerin Properties, Asia’s award-winning real estate agency, announces its adoption of, Malaysia’s first mobile web-based background check application.

HaloCheck has simplified the BNM AML / CFT process. In less than 2 minutes, all agents of Zerin Properties can comply with the stringent requirements of BNM.

Real estate agents and other designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs) are the main targets of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML / FT) activities. Due to the nature of their work, professionals in these industries manage large sums of money and property. The movement of these large sums makes it easier to cover up and cover up illegal activity, making DNFBPs the most attractive targets to exploit for money laundering.

Zerin Properties has offices across the country and an international branch in London. The agency is strengthening its due diligence processes and has chosen to help them comply with BNM AML / CFT requirements.

Zerin Properties was the first real estate company to fully embrace the Internet. They continue to prioritize by being the first to adopt e-KYC technology in their CDD processes.

“In fact, we have had the opportunity to use technology as a way to comply with Bank Negara’s requirements and meet all of our clients’ requirements,” said Previndran Singhe, Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Zerin Properties. “This is the main reason we chose HaloCheck (.xyz). It’s a far cry from what we used to do, so it really made our job a lot easier. I think the level of trust is definitely what customers want and the fact that we can get there (done) quickly, safely, reliably, I think customers take great comfort in it.

The move to the digital space has the added benefit of increasing speed and efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint. In a well-thought-out move, Zerin Properties edged out its peers on several fronts.

“We are very pleased that Zerin Properties has chosen our e-KYC and Instant Background Screening technology to help them meet BNM AML / CFT requirements,” said Mark Leow, Founder and Managing Director of “Complying with AML / CFT doesn’t have to be complicated. Professionals don’t have time to waste, so we’ve designed a quick, easy and reliable solution. Now, meeting compliance takes less than 2 minutes – from registration to completion of a check. Customers can identify and verify their customers from their mobile or desktop browsers anytime, anywhere. Working with forward-thinking companies is always a pleasure. We hope to collaborate with other like-minded companies in the future. “

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